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Welcome to Dog-Games! This web site is jam packed with information and stories about dogs (over 400 web pages to browse around!) and is made up of three distinct sections -

copyright of dog games ltd - all rights reserved

Simple training techniques you can do at home or at training clubs

We have invented a range of simple Games that you and your dog can play together, either by yourselves or with your local dog club. These Games help to reduce the causes and symptoms of stress and build a strong bond of understanding between dog and owner. The range of Games means that all abilities and ages of dogs can play at least one of them - eg. No obedience commands are required to begin learning the simple Game of Recall. Why not have a go at these Games with your dog and become part of Dog Games too? You can also visit the Roll of Honour and see all the dogs who have achieved rosettes in the Games, both in the UK and abroad.

Vast amount of information about dogs

We are very lucky to have many guest writers from all over the world writing about a wide variety of dog related subjects. Articles are being added to this web site as the authors send them in.

Also included here are the very popular "Understanding Your Dog" web pages, which have been written by Sally, and are full of helpful advice explaining such things as -

  • How dogs try to understand their human owners
  • How they communicate with both humans and other dogs
  • And how over-excitement and stress can cause behavioural problems, low concentration and even ill health.

copyright of dog games ltd - all rights reserved

copyright of dog games ltd - all rights reserved

copyright of dog games ltd - all rights reserved


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This web site is now regularly read by over 1500 dog owners a day from all over the world and we are very gratified with all the wonderful feedback we have received - thank you!

We hope you enjoy reading this website and would welcome your comments and ideas for future additions to it.

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