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Sally, Eileen & Sean ran Dog Games training sessions
for over 10 years but decided to retire in 2012
due to family and business commitments

Click on the above links to read how to train these EIGHT different NON-COMPETITIVE Games that we have invented, which dog owners can play with their pets using very little specialized equipment and at very little cost. No special tester is needed to witness dogs doing these Games and so THEY CAN BE DONE ANYWHERE. These Games can be played by individuals and their friends at home or in nearby parks or fields, or they can be played at local dog clubs and fundraising events (eg pet, agility, obedience, flyball, ringcraft, puppy classes, village fetes, rescue centers etc).

Each training step is explained using kind positive training methods that help the dog to learn how to do the Games successfully.  Dog-Games encourages owners to use toys, treats and other motivators to reward their dogs for learning the Games, and it rewards the owners with rosettes and trophies as their dog achieves the different Stages. They have been designed so that the dog and handler can progress in their own time and to their own ability, can choose whichever Game suits their dog best, and go as far in the Stages as the dog is comfortable and able to cope with.

STARTERS (learning)
First the dog learns the Game by progressing through a series of lessons on the website (see above Game links). The handler learns how to motivate the dog so that it wants to do the Game.

(Starters rosettes always have a white inner ribbon - this is Recall Starters)

BRONZE (consistency)
After Starters the dog shows that it understands the Game by consistently doing it correctly on three separate occasions.


(Bronze rosettes always have a metallic bronze inner ribbon - this is Bounce Bronze)

SILVER (distractions)
Once the dog has achieved Bronze it may progress further by being trained to do the Game correctly while there is the distraction of other dogs running in a nearby netted lane.


(Silver rosettes always have a metallic silver inner ribbon - this is Bounce & Hand Silver)

GOLD (changeovers)
The dog is trained to do the Game correctly whilst another dog is in the same lane with it - going either just before, or just after it has been. This Stage is not done in the Games of Recall or Bounce

(Gold rosettes always have a metallic gold inner ribbon - this is Round Gold)

PLATINUM (generalising)
The dog learns to do the Game in three different locations - not at its usual training ground. This helps the dog understand that it can do the game anywhere..

(Platinum rosettes always have four tiers of ribbons, alternating the game colour with yellow - this is Bounce & Touch Platinum)

Dog-Games also awards the handler and dog a silver plated salver - this is the Bounce & Touch trophy (photo size not to scale with rosette)

Each time a dog successfully completes part of a Stage, the handler or trainer sends in a completed Entry Form and fee to Dog-Games. We will then send the relevant certificate, rosette, or trophy to the handler's address and the dog’s name will be entered on the Dog-Games Roll of Honour.

Alternatively, fees can be paid for using our Web Shop (paying for multiples of 5 "credits" at a time) and then entries can be sent in via e-mail. We will then e-mail back to you certificates, and post rosettes and trophies to you when applicable.

Leaflets & Forms provide a variety of different publicity leaflets (including 1 page summaries of each of the Games) which will give you a quick explanation of what we have to offer.

Diagram showing the ideal dimensions of a Dog-Games training lane.
However, due to the limitations of training areas, the overall dimensions are not compulsory.

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