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Welcome to Dog Games!

Welcome to Dog-Games, a canine behavioural website. Sally Hopkins began writing this website after finishing the International Dog Training School (IDTS) with Sheila Harper in Cannock Staffs, UK in 2002. This course is now called International Programme for Applied Canine Studies.


This web site is jam packed with information and stories about dogs. The website is divided into a number of different sections which can be accessed through the navigation buttons at the top of every page or via menus to the left.


We are now upgrading the website technology, making it available on diferent technical platforms as well as updating the behavioural information as new research and new articles have become available.


Sally finished writing much of this in about 2004 and has added to it since, also with contributions from various guests whom she has met over the years. Instead of writing a book, which once published, is "fixed" and can become out of date, Sally decided to write her knowledge and experience into a website which can be further developed and kept up to date. This structure also allows readers to "dip into" and "dip out" of this electronic publication by following links as the whim takes them. Technology now allows us to take this reading and knowledge whereever we go using mobile phones, tablets etc in our everyday lives.


ALL OF THIS INFORMATION IS PROVIDED FREE OF CHARGE and we hope that you and your dog(s) will gain some benefit from it.


Please bear with us as we continue to learn more about canine behaviour and continue to upgrade the behavioural information on these pages.




Sprinkles(TM) is a very simple concept and has many very powerful and amazing results.

In this article I explain what Sprinkles(TM) is, the various benefits of it, the latest information about the science of dogs noses and their sense of smell, how to start doing Sprinkles with your dog, and how to broaden the applications to a number of situations that are of profound benefit for both you and your dog.

It is NOT an instant cure for all behavioural problems, but it is a simple and effective start to help make a change. For further advice and guidance please consult a reputable local dog behaviourist and must visit your house to assess your dog and its lifestyle and make a detailed management plan using kind force-free methods.



Vast amount of information about dogs


What is behaviour?


Behaviour is defined (dictionary) as the way in which an animal or person behaves in response to a particular situation or stimulus.


We are very lucky to have many guest writers from all over the world writing about a wide variety of dog related subjects. Articles are being added to this web site as the authors send them in.

Also included here are the very popular "Understanding Your Dog" web pages, which have been written by Sally, and are full of helpful advice explaining such things as -

  • How dogs try to understand their human owners
  • How they communicate with both humans and other dogs
  • And how over-excitement and stress can cause behavioural problems, low concentration and even ill health.


Research -

Some of the research that we have undertaken and some that we are are still working on.


Training -

Simple training techniques you can do at home or at training clubs


Resulting from her research into stress levels in dogs during the IDTS course,  Sally developed a range of simple 1 to 1 Games (Dog Games training) that you and your dog can play together, either by yourself or with your local dog club, in your garden or in the park. These Games help to reduce the causes and symptoms of stress and build a strong bond of understanding between dog and owner. The range of Games means that all abilities and ages of dogs can play at least one of them. There are NO obedience requirements to begin learning these simple Games. Why not have a go at these Games to learn more about yourself and your dog?



Sally has designed all of the products in our Web Shop. They are all  manufactured here in the UK at our own local manufacturing unit. Our product range (at present) is -

This web site is now regularly read by many hundreds of dog owners from all over the world and we are very grateful for all the wonderful feedback we have received - thank you!


Words of Comfort -

These words are listed here - submitted by us to help and provide strength to others who are in need 


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