Was it a Miracle? - Precious' Story By Carol Loxterman


I am the proud mother (owner) of three wonderful girls - Joy, a black American Cocker – 3 ¾ yrs; Angel, a mostly Welsh Corgi – 5 ¼ yrs; and Precious, a Black Pomeranian – 5 ¾ yrs. All three are highly intelligent and Agility Champs. They are well behaved and lovable but I have one huge problem with them – my Precious is a bolter and the other two are followers.


Precious was a rescue dog and when she was a puppy she was left tied outside in the hot summer sun 24/7. At the time she weighed only 2 pounds! Totally alone, she spent her days pulling on her chain trying to get to attention and affection. That constant pulling and desire to go somewhere to find something better left her instinctively bolting at any chance of freedom. Nothing I have done has stopped her! In depth training, fences and locks and fences inside of fences have not helped.


What is worse - Precious is so fast that it is almost impossible to catch her. When she runs she is a blur and can be three blocks away in seconds. I remember one time it took five people, a policeman, and a policeman in a police car 15 minutes to catch her. Talk about embarrassing! At the slightest moment of me being off guard she just reverts to being on that chain and instinctively runs. I don't know what other excuse to use as to why she won't come when called, but she just won't. Believe me -- I have tried everything but nothing has worked. It scares me to death because she has no street sense and just crosses willy-nilly. The only time it is a big problem though is when someone doesn't close up when they leave, or, my own stupidity steps in.


Well, the other day my stupidity was in full bloom. I had just pulled into the garage and Precious and Angel were in the car waiting to get out. I made them sit while I opened the car door and they stayed still until I said the word OK. Then I got out of the car and realized that I hadn't put the garage door down. I said it was stupidity in full bloom! Of course they were gone like the wind with Precious in the lead with Angel close on her heels. I took off after them - unable to see her because they were already way down the street. Not really expecting a response, I called and clapped my hands. I waited a moment and I called and clapped again.

It was then that it happened -- the Miracle. What to my wondering eyes should appear – Precious running towards me at full tilt! Never, I repeat, never has she been outside, running free and come to me. Never! I was in shock.


She came flying straight down the center of the road and leaped up in my arms to wash my face. I was in shock -- absolute shock. Then I looked up and there was Angel - running on her short stubby legs as fast as she could come. Was it a miracle or could it be - Dog Games?!?! Could it be that all practicing of the games has begun to instill an automatic response to come when called? I think the answer is a great big resounding - Yes! She, for first time in 5 ¾ years, when she was loose outside, came when I called her! I couldn’t believe it. That is wonderful!!! It’s a miracle to me and I really do believe that it is a direct result of the Dog Games’ practicing.


Here is Precious with her Recall Platinum trophy and rosette. I am so proud of her!


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