It is 6.40pm on Monday 24th January 2005; I have just put down the phone after receiving a call from a client. She has been suffering a blood condition for many years and has had to have a blood transfusion every few months. I first gave her Spiritual Healing in November last year shortly after which her blood count had risen favourably from 95 to 105. She received a further healing in December. She phoned me to tell me that she had been prepared for another transfusion today but her blood count had risen to such a satisfactory count that the transfusion was postponed at the last moment. She is not on any medication and the hospital staff was quite puzzled by her remarkable recovery. I am pleased to say that she did tell the staff that she had been to see me.


This favourable outcome has become the norm and it seems strange that if I had been told that I would become a healer some three and a half years ago I would have dismissed it out of hand. Circumstances can not only change ones beliefs but also ones life for two years after healing began for me I had lost total interest in my interior home design and installation business, that had been my life blood for 27 years, but we had sold our home in Abbots Langley and moved to Thetford Forest in Norfolk where with the exception of holding dog obedience and agility courses I now do healing full time.


I have found healing more fascinating than anything that I have ever been involved in, it is unpredictable, can be very moving for both the client and myself, and often incredibly powerful. If science were able to explain healing it would be accepted and healing centres would be as common as our doctor's surgery and veterinary practices are today but I am sure mere mortals will not so easily unravel the mysteries of the spiritual world.


Questions I am often asked.

Q: Do you only treat people?
A: No I treat people animals and reptiles, I have worked on Birds, a tortoise, sheep horses, dogs and cats as well as people, children, and babies.


Q: Is healing safe?
A: I belong to The National Federation of Spiritual Healers as a Healer Member, they have over 5000 members and we are fully insured through them; to my knowledge there has never been a claim. Healing is safe and is complementary to conventional medicine.


Q: Do I have to take any clothes off?
A: No. The client may take off any heavy outer garments and shoes if they wish.


Q: How long does a healing session take.
A: Anywhere between 15 minutes and an hour.


Q: How many sessions may I need?
A: One may be sufficient but I advise the client after I have feed back from their first visit.


Q: I live too far away to be able to visit you, can you still help?
A: For those that cannot attend a surgery I offer either distant healing or if they are prepared to run a clinic locally to them I will consider travelling. I also run clinics at Agility dog shows in the South East and do local house calls.


Q: How much do you charge?
A: My present fee for those visiting my clinic at my home is £30 per session, for a persons attending my clinic for the first time I offer a full refund if they are not satisfied with their progress. Fees at dog shows are £15 and the sessions are 20 minutes long. House calls and clients clinics are charged according to the number of clients and the distance travelled.


Q: How did it all start for you?
A: With a dog called Dempsey and a Healer named Charles Siddle, the rest I'll tell you about another month.


Interested in having healing for yourself or an animal or would just like to know more then please contact me.


Victor Marcham
Tel: 01842 813053
E-mail: victor@vmarcham.fsnet.co.uk
Web Site: www.victor-marcham.co.uk


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