Agility -
(other Dog Activities & Sports are further down this page)
Agility clubs
Training Tips for Agility - The Agility Net web site is the best in the world for this dog sport
UK Agility

Be Amazed & Humbled!
Here are a number of You Tube Links showing
disabled dog handlers working with their dogs
Rock N Annie
Agility from a Wheelchair (You Tube with other links available)

Jasmine the Greyhound - a dog with a very big heart....

Bereavement -
Coping with grief
Breed Identification (DNA testing)

Black Dog

Canine Law in the UK
Cooper & Co, Solicitors

Car harnesses and cages 
Safe Dog
See also Safest way to travel with a dog?
See our members page Cars for further ideas and details

Car ventilation & reflective sheeting -

Child safety with dogs
http://familypaws.com/ Which also has webinars for parents - http://familypaws.com/for-parents/

Coats for dogs-
Forest Fleece
Trover Coats
Country Mun
Dorset Dog Togs - make dog coats that can be worn with our Perfect Fit Harnesses

Collar Tags for our Fleece Lined Collars 
PS Pet Tags (including medical & informative logos, cartoons, flags etc)
Indigo (quoting "Dog Games Collar")
Tuff Stuff (who can embroider collars & leads)

Courses and Books about dog behaviour -
All of which I highly recommend

Sheila Harper Canine Education
Sheila runs a variety of courses throughout the year - she was my main tutor when I took the International Dog Training School course back in 2000.
Her website also stocks a wonderful selection of books about dog training and behaviour.

The Webinar Behaviourist
Invite guest speakers to deliver your webinar directly into your home computer

Canis Bonus - excellent reviewer of dog related books, highly recommended

OABC - list of seminars by world reknowned speakers

Disabled Dogs -
Ortho Pets - Help em up Harness
Blind Dogs.com
Living with Blind Dogs (book)
Deaf Dogs
Training Deaf Dogs
Deaf Dog Network
Dog Mobility (which stocks a wide variety of equipment for disabled dogs)
Fit for Life (a disabled animals club)
Tripawds - Facebook group of owners with 3 legged dogs
Bella Moss Foundation - Educating, supporting, pet carers and vets on the treatment of resistant bacteria
Pet Gear - ramps & carts
Everything You Need to Know About Osteosarcoma in Dogs and Cats
Woofin-Wheels by Time Dale - bespoke wheeled carts for disabled dogs

Disabled Humans -
Dog Aid (who are looking for voluntary dog trainers in various areas of the UK)

Dog Activities & Sports -
(Agility links are at the top of this page)
Dog Play
Gun Dogs
American Treibball with You Tube demo
Dog Puzzles
Films of dogs doing tricks - Jesse the Jack Russell & her main web site
Trick Dog Title - film your dog doing a range of simple tricks and get a certificate
How to turn a dog walk into a dog challenge - ideas to enrich a walk in an urban environment

Dog Behaviour Explained
See our web site AND
Turid Rugaas' Questions & Answers section
Dog your dog really want to be petted?

Dogs with Babies & Children
Family Paws - Promoting safety with families with dogs (see their webinars as well)

Dog Rescue Centers and related Charities -
Battersea Dogs Home
Blue Cross
Border Collie Trust
Dog Rescue Pages
Dogs Trust
Four Paws Animal Rescue (South Wales)
Hope Rescue
Kennel Club - Find A Rescue
Labrador Lifeline Trust
Lurcher Link Organisation
Many Tears Animal Rescue
The Oldies Club
Trailhound Welfare
Valgrays Border Collie Rescue
Wiccaweys Border Collie and Working Sheepdog Rescue

Dog trainers who insist on only using kind, fair
and effective training methods -

Association of Pet Dog Trainers
Dog Communication - Mutts Need Manners
Domesicated Manners - with some very good video footage including how to introduce a dog to wearing a muzzle
INTO Dogs - the Association of Intuitive Natural Training for Owners and Dogs
Pet Dog Trainers of Europe
UK Registry of Canine Behaviourists
Welfare in Dog Training - see their press release Dec 09

Dog Walks
Driving with Dogs
Go 4 a Walk
Lake District For Dogs
Doggie Pubs
Tara's Trails (North Wiltshire)
Barker & Wags Go Walking

Embroidery of Collars & Leads - 
Tuff Stuff

Working with a fearful, scared or shy dog -
Behaviour Adjustment Training for Fear & Aggression by Grisha Stewart
- Handout
- You Tube Videos
I highly recommend her seminars and her DVD's

Fearful Dogs
Dog Communication - Mutts Need Manners
Domesticated Manners - with some very good video footage of how to train "stubborn" dogs
Angela Stockdale - Dog Aggression Specialist in Somerset
The Yellow Dog Project & Yellow Dog UK - ALL DOG OWNERS PLEASE LOOK
- a great idea to help dogs that need space when out on walks
Friendly Dog Collars - colour coded leads & collars embroidered with warnings to keep others away
Dogs In Need Of Space - great web site full of help & advice

Finding Lost Dogs -
Dog Lost

GPS tracking collars to prevent your dog getting lost -

Garden and camping screens
(to help reduce visual stimulation for stressed dogs)
D&T Screens

Glass screening -
(this also helps reduce over stimulation - see screeening)
Window Film

Health warnings -
Poison Treats
Tennis Balls are bad for Teeth!
If your dog loves to play with tennis balls we recommend that you change over to
the Fantastic Foam Balls or the Fantastic Foam Balls on a Rope instead.

Heelwork to Music & Dog Dancing -
Heelwork to Music
K9 Freestyle
Dog Dance

Helping the elderly and their pets -
The Cinnamon Trust

Back Packs for dogs
Recyling -
All our waste fleece is either made into fleece toys or given to Worcestershire Resource Exchange

Search and Rescue dogs -
National Search & Rescue Dog Association

Training Treats for dogs
Naturally Dogs
Barker & Barker